The problem of hair loss seems to be very common these days. Most people normally shed 50-100 hairs a day. Continuously hair loss and thinning of hair gradually causes noticeable thinning of the scalp hair and scalp starts showing.

There are two types of hair loss for men: temporary and permanent. “Temporary hair loss can happen because of serious illnesses like typhoid or diabetes which can be restored through proper treatment.

Permanent hair loss happens because of genetic factors by which hair follicles becomes sensitive to testosterone.These hormones shrink the follicles and thus reduce the life span of the follicles and also prevent the new hair growth.

Modern lifestyle has a great impact on hair loss. Long hours at work, overwhelming stress, erratic sleeping patterns and lack of nutritious food

Hair loss can be countered through a protein-rich diet. Take sprouts, soya milk, dates, and figs in your diet. Include two to three servings of green gram a week. Make a powder of flax seeds and sprinkle it on vegetable or fruit salads. If the hair loss is severe, herbal tablets that contain ‘ saw palmetto’ is recommended.

Some advance treatments like meso theraphy and Platelets rich plasma (PRP) gives very good results. The most important is take timely treatment which is easy to save the hair and grow new hair. Proper treatment cannot only prevent the hair fall but also postponed the baldness

But most importantly, the patients need to have a positive attitude. Treatment does 50 % of the work whereas a patient should feel confident that they will get cured. That makes a difference.